Hulk Hands

Jesus Christ is very practical. He doesn’t leave us hanging on how to live as His followers.

The very basic definition of a follower is someone that learns from the person that they are following. In this relationship there is a leader and a follower. The leader teaches the follower both with their words and by living their life openly in front of the follower(s). Jesus did that for His 12 disciples in New Testament times and He does that for us today. We have Gods Word to know Jesus. And by knowing Jesus we know God.

In Matthew 5:21-26 Jesus is talking about how we handle the emption of anger.

He brings up the commandment “Do not murder,” knowing that His listeners would be familiar with it. We are familiar with it as well. We know it is wrong to murder. Jesus goes on to teach us that it is also wrong tone angry with our brother or to carelessly call our brother an idiot.

The actions committed in anger are formed in our hearts and minds.

I think about The Incredible Hulk and his BIG anger problem. He could not control the rage inside. What happens every time that he gets angry? Destruction. Property is destroyed and people are killed and badly injured.

We know that The Incredible Hulk is angry and things or people are about to be hurt because his whole body turns green and gets big.


The Incredible Hulk is not the only one that gets angry. He isn’t the only one that gets “Hulk Hands.” We get angry and hurt people. People are hurt everyday by the consequences of someone’s anger. Whether it is physical, emotional, or damage of property, people get hurt.

We need to put away put away our “Hulk Hands.”

We do this by submitting our emotions to Jesus Christ and seeking to keep and make all of our relationships right.

The two illustrations that Jesus gives in Matthew 5:23-26 show the extreme importance of making things right when we have done damage with our “Hulk Hands.” This is called practicing reconciliation.

Reconciliation means to make things right, to fix a relationship, to mend what has been broken.

Jesus Christ, by willingly dying on the cross and bearing the wrath of God for everyone’s sin, did what was necessary to make it possible for things to be right between man and God. God’s grace, forgiveness, love, and mercy are seen and felt when we give our lives to Him and experience salvation.

If you are a follower of Jesus you will practice reconciliation. You will also put away your “Hulk Hands” and let even your anger bring honor to Him.

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