5 Spiritual “Asking for a Friend” Questions

I’ve had some fun over the past few weeks posting on social media some “Asking for a Friend” questions.

“Does it count against your diet if no-one is there to see you do it? Asking for a friend.”

“How many times can you wear the same clothes without washing them?  Asking for a friend.”

“If you see someone you know picking their nose at a stoplight does it change how you view them?  Asking for a friend.”

As I was having fun posting my “asking for a friend” questions I got to thinking about some spiritual realities that could be asked the same way.  Often Christians fall into unhealthy and sinful patterns of living. We wonder if what we are doing is acceptable or how to change the unhealthy and sinful patterns.  Here are 5 spiritual “asking for a friend” questions that you might have wondered but have not had the courage to ask.

  1. How long is it ok to go without reading my Bible and praying?  Asking for a friend.
  2. Is it ok that the only time I pray is before I eat?  Asking for a friend.
  3. Is it ok that I am a Christian and have never shared the gospel with someone?  Asking for a friend.
  4. What is the number of acceptable times to miss a worship service at church?  Asking for a friend.

Have the courage to speak up and talk to someone about your spiritual health in order to renew your walk with your Lord Jesus to live out healthy patterns of growth.

“Asking for a friend,” has become a popular way to anonymously ask something to others that you would not normally ask.  There are things you would like to know but wouldn’t want others to know the question is from you.  The truth is though that whenever someone is “asking for a friend” we know they are really asking for themselves.

Let’s no longer be afraid to ask questions for ourselves that will help us grow as disciples of Jesus.

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