Book Review: The Gospel Fluency Handbook

Related imageHere are six reasons why The Gospel Fluency Handbook looks like it is a good resource for you to have on your shelf or in your ministry.

  1. Jeff Vanderstelt shows authenticity.  He is willing to admit his own struggles to fully trust God sometimes.  I believe you can feel his authenticity as you read it.  This makes me appreciate the resource even more.
  2. The handbook is practical:
    • For example on page 25 Jeff writes, “Too often, when giving people answers to their questions or solutions to their problems, we give them something other than Jesus.”
    • On page 31 the handbook begins to urge us to become fluent in the language of the gospel.  Just like learning a different language, like Spanish, we must immerse ourselves in the gospel.  We must invest time into turning our hearts toward Jesus so that when we tell people the good news of the gospel it really sounds like we are telling them good news.  To put it another way, we must know the gospel to appreciate the gospel.  When we appreciate the gospel we will believe it’s good news.  When we believe it’s good news we will share it.
  3. This resources focuses on evangelism and discipleship:
    • I firmly believe that its often necessary to disciple someone to Jesus.   Often people who are not followers of Jesus will express interest but are not yet ready to believe.  This is a gift from God. We can take this gift and begin to spend some time with them.  I believe in “the Gospel in Me” section of the handbook that Jeff provides some good helps in walking through biblical principles about how the gospel affects our everyday lives.
  4. Jeff reminds us to preach the gospel to ourselves.  “When I first started to become aware of my need to grow in gospel fluency, this was not a natural process for me.  I had to practice preaching the gospel to myself first” (p. 103).
  5. It guides you to to study the Scriptures:
    • I like that the questions during the weekly reflections turn your attention to God’s Word for further study.
    • As it does this the handbook teaches some basic, but essential, theology.
  6. The colors and design of the book are appealing, drawing you in to want to read what is inside.


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