People Are The Mission (Book Review)

People were the mission of Jesus, and people are still our mission today.  Let’s love them because we understand just how much he has loved us.” – Danny Franks from his book, People are the Mission

Since coming to Heartland Church to be the Pastor of Discipleship and Connection I have been reading anything I can get my hands on related to first impressions and guest services.  There are many great resources out there on these topics.  Without questions, Danny Frank’s new book, People are the Mission: How Churches Can Welcome Guests Without Compromising the Gospel is one of the best books out there on these subjects.  Danny’s book focuses on the “why” of guest services.

Danny writes, “Your church’s preaching and worship styles may draw a crowd, but to keep a crowd, people must sense that you love them, that you expected them, and that you can’t wait for them to return.”

After finishing the book last week, there was more highlighter yellow in my copy of the book than anything else. It’s that good.

This book is a must read for those who work in the ministry of guest services and first impressions.  But this book isn’t just for church leaders.  This book is for those apart of parking lot teams and greeter teams.  This book is for those who work in the first time guest tent or at the welcome center of your church.  This book is for pastors and church members.

Why is this book a must read for you:

  1. It’s gospel centric:  Danny reminds us that it’s not about us.  Life shifts from being about us when we become followers of Jesus.  Danny reminds us that because Jesus has been so generous to us, so loving to us, and so welcoming to us, we are to joyfully be these things to others.
  2. It’s an easy read:  This is not a negative thing, quite the opposite.  Danny doesn’t make “loving people” complicated.  There is nothing in this book that will be above your head, yet at the same time the book teaches us new things to raise our level of understanding regarding showing biblical hospitality.
  3. It’s applicable in multiple ways: This book is teaches us about God’s vision for loving and welcoming all people, because all people are made in His image.  This book is applicable to pastors to lead churches to love and welcome guests well. This book is applicable to volunteers on a church first impressions team. This book is applicable to families as you welcome people into your homes.  This book is applicable for us as we interact with people in our communities.


I count it a personal privilege to have spent some time with Danny Franks in his Connection Confab guest services training this year.  Danny has a heart for people. He loves people and has an obvious desire to remove barriers that people might have to hearing the gospel.  He has a wealth of knowledge on how to do this that comes from training, reading, and years of experience. He is also honest enough to admit that he doesn’t have all of the answers. But he does have some answers and you will want to read about them in his book. I trust Danny and am thankful to benefit from his passion and knowledge related to welcoming guests in the church.

Check out his blog, Connective Tissue, here.

Purchase his book, People are the Mission, here.

If you are a Connections leader in your church click here for resources from Danny.

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