The Gift of Imagination

A Red Ryder wagon becomes a work trailer, suitcase, or Jet Ski.

A couch becomes a train, school bus, or a fire truck.

A bicycle with training wheels becomes a motorcycle.

A coat closet becomes a campsite.

A dining room table becomes a fort.

As we get older stop playing under the dining room table.  We give up bikes and Red Ryder wagons.  Unfortunately, we usually give up our imagination with our childish toys.

Imagination is a gift that God gives which He never intends for us to place on a shelf like a forgotten toy.

Using our imaginations can provide joy and insight well into our adult life. It is a silent whisper to our conscious well being.  The imagination provides a foundation for our future endeavors.  Before you write a book, you imagine what you’d like to say to people. Before you go on a vacation, you imagine the place and activities that will be the most relaxing or adventurous.  Before you pick a major in college you imagine what job that will prepare you for.  And so the imagining goes.

God opens the door to hidden insight by using the imagination. God wants to open the door to fresh thoughts, His thoughts. Through his Spirit He wants to give insight into his glorious ways, which are not our ways. God gives us imaginative ability so that we can gain insight. The Spirit involves the imagination when an open mind enters into genuine worship.

Authors: Nate Williams and Stephen Williams

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