12/17/18 “Jesus, our Helper”

Today’s Deeply Rooted Devotion is from Mark 10:44.

“…and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.” Mark 10:44, ESV


Over the course of this Advent season I have written two devotions on different aspects of Mark 10:35-45 (12/4/18 “Servant Jesus” and 12/16/18 “Jesus Paid Your Ransom”).  I thought it might be helpful to provide a little bit more clarity.  It is true that Jesus expects and calls us, His disciples, to act radically different than the world.  We are to serve Christians and non-Christians.  But, if Mark 10:44 was the only verse we read about Jesus or about what He calls Christians to do we could walk away with the wrong picture of Christianity.  Without Mark 10:43 and 10:45 we could walk away with the bad news that we are to serve Him like an earthly King might demand service.  The call to be servant to all, or slave to all, is not this at all.  It is a call to learn how to serve.

At Christmas, Jesus came to serve by helping us do everything He has called us to do.  He came to help.  

Don’t miss this. This is what makes Christianity different from anything else.  Jesus does not need our service.  He came to serve us.  His death on the cross is the greatest example of His service.  It’s why He came (Mark 10:45).  So, when we become Christians we do not become Jesus’ helpers or servants to meet His needs.  Instead, in Christianity Jesus demands our obedience and is there to help us.  At Christmas, Jesus came to help us be radically obedient by continually equipping us for that kind of life.  That means He is there to give you strength to follow Him.  That means He is near to you as you obey His commands.  That means He is walking with you as you persevere through temptations to sin.  That means He is there to walk with you through suffering.  That means He is there to guide you through the making of challenging decisions.  He is there to help you be godly parents, husbands, and wives.  He is there to help you be obedient children.  He is there to guide you as you serve in your local church.  He is there to help.  He came to serve, not be served.  Won’t you invite Him to help you today?

Tomorrow’s Deeply Rooted Devotion is from Romans 3:25-26.

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