1/6/19 “Reminded and Renewed”

Today’s Deeply Rooted Devotion is from Genesis 14-16.

Highlighted Verse(s):

“He took him outside and said, ‘Look at the sky and count the stars, if you are able to count them.’  Then he said to him, ‘Your offspring will be that numerous.’ Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.'” Genesis 15:5-6, CSB


When we read Genesis 15 we have to keep in mind that some very eventful years have passed since God first made His covenant promise with Abram.  Since then, Abram almost lost his wife to Pharaoh, almost lost the promised land to his nephew Lot, and almost lost his life and all of his things in a war.  To top it off, Abram and Sarai still have not been able to have a child.  It’s understandable that Genesis 15:1-2 reveals to us an Abram who was discouraged, tired, afraid, and worried.  Abram was quickly losing hope that God would keep His promises.  God reminds Abram of His promise to him and Abram responds with belief.  Like Abram we need to constantly be reminded of God’s promises so our belief can be renewed.

Like Abram, sometimes we need to be reminded of God’s promises so our belief can be renewed.  His reminders reveal to us that nothing stands in the way of His faithfulness. 

God directs Abram to look at the night sky, lit up brightly by a multitude of stars.  There would be no way that Abram could number the stars that night.  God tells Abram that the number of stars in the sky would be the number of children Abram would have, and Abram believed him.  In this moment God credits Abram’s belief as righteousness.  Abram’s belief was credited as righteousness to him because Abram was confident in God to fulfill His promise. Abram was convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God could perform what He promised.  Abram no longer wavered in disbelief, instead his faith was strengthened and he gave glory to God (Romans 4:18-22).  When God’s covenant with Abram was renewed, God took full responsibility of fulfilling the covenant.  God is the one who passed through the chopped up animal pieces alone, not Abram (Genesis 15:17-21).  By doing this, God told Abram that if He didn’t perform what He promised, His holiness and character would be chopped up like the animals He passed between.  It is not possible for this to happen to God.  God cannot be anything but holy and righteous.  God is Truth and therefore He cannot lie.  God provides both Abram, and us, with a reminder that nothing stands in the way of His faithfulness.  Ultimately Jesus provides the greatest proof of this in His birth, death, and resurrection.

Is there something that God has promised you or called you to, but you are experiencing a delay in seeing these promises or calling fulfilled?  In the midst of your struggle to trust God, seek the Lord for His grace in your waiting.  Renew your trust and faith in the Lord’s promises through His holy Word.

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