2/11/19 “The Power to Cleanse us on the Inside and Out”

Todays Deeply Rooted Devotion is from Leviticus 15-18.

Highlighted Verse(s):

“When she is cured of her discharge, she is to count seven days, and after that she will be clean.” Leviticus 15:28, CSB

“And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.” Mark 5:34, ESV


On the way to heal Jairus’s daughter a woman who had had a discharge of blood for twelve years snuck through a thick crowd of people just to touch the hem of Jesus’ clothes. She had heard about how great Jesus is and about His power to heal. She had spent all of her money to try many things to gain healing for herself. None of those things worked but she was willing to come to Jesus.

According to Leviticus 15:25-35, this woman would have been declared unclean. She would not have been allowed in the temple. When she was in public she would have had to announce to everyone that she was unclean. By touching the clothes that Jesus was wearing, according to the law, she would have made Jesus unclean.

But Jesus is greater than the the purity law in today’s passage from Leviticus. He is greater because He did not become unclean and He made her clean. He cleansed her of her physical ailment and her spiritual one. She was an outcast in her community and now was welcomed into the family of God. In todays readings from Leviticus we see Aaron, the priest, going though the required steps to cleanse the temple and make sacrifices for unclean people. While Aaron was a priest, Mark 5:34 (and Hebrews 4:14) makes it clear that Jesus is the only High Priest who can cleanse us of our sin and who has the power to heal.

Her faith was in Jesus. You may be sick or know someone who is. Is your faith in Jesus for the outcome? Is your faith in Jesus for any other worrisome situation you are currently experiencing? Praise Jesus, the great High Priest, today for cleansing you of your sin.

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