“The Justice of God”


Obadiah; Psalms 82-83

Highlighted Verse:

“Rise up, God judge the earth, for all the nations belong to you.” Psalm 82:8


Even though it comes with a powerful punch, the book of Obadiah is easy to miss.  Obadiah is a book about God’s Kingly justice executed upon the people of the earth.  The Edomites were descendants of Esau, the brother of Jacob.  When the Babylonians destroyed Judah, Edom gloated and took advantage.  God declared that Judah would be restored and Edom would be destroyed.  We also see from today’s Psalms that God will bring justice upon those who are evil.  

Ask the Lord to bring justice to places where evil and oppression covers the earth.  Ask the Lord to reveal to you how you might be able to be used by Him to “rescue the poor and needy” (Psalm 82:4).

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